Asad Virani

India Federation Representative

Asad Virani is the Manager of India Operations at The World Federation India Office in Mumbai. He has fulfilled this role since 2011 and his flagship initiative is to have run unique youth camps for the last seven years.

Unique Islamic teaching

One camp is organised for boys and one for girls every year, to shape young people with the values of the Khoja community. They combine social discussions as well as Islamic topics, and they are the only such programme to use fun activities to teach Islamic subjects. As a result the camps are always in high demand.

For the last four years Asad has also run one- or two-day workshops on Islamic topics for adults in different cities, covering issues ranging from business ethics to wills and inheritance.

Community service

As service to the community, Asad heads the Education Board at KSI Jamaat Mumbai and the Media Committee at India Federation. He is actively involved in arranging English lectures during Muharram in Mumbai, networking with English-speaking Alims from London and other parts of the world to bring them to India.

He is also a dedicated fundraiser for relief and building projects.

Online expertise

Asad is a Commerce graduate from the University of Mumbai, specialising in finance and taxation with further expertise in IT and web development. He is Managing Director of eShop 24×7 Inc., an e-commerce business selling via online marketplaces in India.

He loves travelling, has been to many countries and delights in discovering different cultures, customs and people.