Sabira (Dhanji) Mistry

Khoja News Deputy Chair

Sabira Mistry is a 27-year-old lecturer from Peterborough. On top of her profession, she also does invaluable voluntary work around education and supporting young people. Sabira teaches at Milton Keynes College, and has worked previously at the University Centre in Peterborough, and as a primary school teacher. She also works as an examiner for Cambridge Assessment. These experiences have driven her interest in supporting young adults transitioning from school into university through vocational training and courses.


Sabira’s motivation and professional expertise are reflected in her voluntary work.

Her efforts have been crucial in helping to raising funds for many good causes. For example, she took an active role in the supporting communications for a Haydari Benevolent Trust appeal that raised $1.2 million in a month in December 2018. The money raised from this appeal is going to proven programmes in Karachi, Pakistan, with track records of lifting Khoja families out of poverty.

She also raised funds for the Khoja Business Leaders’ Forum as the point of contact for the UK and Europe, and volunteered at the Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit at Davos in September 2017. This summit was on the topic of ‘Philanthropic Leadership for Humanity’, and had the aim of working to reduce poverty in the Khoja community, support education, and help provide emergency disaster relief. She also coordinated the Khoja News project and supported its web design.

Vital volunteer work

Sabira also makes important hands-on contributions to disaster relief. For example, she worked with the refugee assistance program at the Husaini Islamic Centre in Peterborough, supporting new Syrian refugees in the city by collecting food parcels, visiting and raising funds for Eid gifts or items needed for their new home.

She also is involved with the World Federation of KSIMC, as its Head of Marketing and Communications, and has been heavily involved in supporting the organisation’s community and aid projects on all platforms. She does all this work for no remuneration.


Sabira is very interested in using vocational training and courses, and e-learning (incorporating interactive and engaging online content to support learning) to help support young adults transitioning from school into university. This is informed by her qualifications in Childhood Services as well as Learning and Teaching, and her work for Cambridge Assessment.