Tawfiqali Jivraj

CoEJ Representative
Tawfiqali Jivraj will be the new Council of European Jamaats representative to Khoja News.
Mr Jivraj, who was born in Nairobi, Kenya, is now based in Birmingham in the UK, where he currently serves as the Assistant Secretary General for Council of European Jamaats. He was previously the Secretary General of the Birmingham Jamaat.
He served in the Birmingham Jamaat management committee for over 6 years in various roles.
Mr Jivraj has worked in banking for the past 18 years and is now a Team Manager in business banking for the Royal Bank of Scotland. He brings this business acumen to his philanthropic and organising work.
Serving the community
A commitment to serving the community runs in Mr Jivraj’s family, who are originally from Mombasa and instilled the values of assisting and uplifting those around him at an early age. He started volunteering work at the age of 12 in Nairobi. These principles have guided Mr Jivraj throughout his life, and both in his work with the Birmingham Jamaat and outside it he has demonstrated a passion for fundraising and helping the destitute.
While serving on the Birmingham Jamaat in different capacities Mr Jivraj has played a key part in the important work of many committees, touching lots of different parts of the lives of local Muslims. He has devoted particular time and energy to the tableegh, matrimonial, burial, youth, security and fundraising committees, all of which have benefited from his skills and drive. He was key in improving operational excellence in his role as the SG in Birmigham.
He was also one of the tireless World Federation volunteers involved in the evacuation of Khoja Muslims from war-torn Yemen in 2015 and their safe resettlement.