Zohra Aly

Australia Federation Representative

Zohra is an Australian pharmacist turned freelance writer, currently doing a Masters in Creative Writing. Community work Zohra is a member of interfaith groups in Sydney including the Women’s Interfaith Network and Religions for Peace. She visits schools to talk about faith as part of Together for Humanity, as well as participating in women’s peacekeeping […]

Asad Virani

India Federation Representative

Asad Virani is the Manager of India Operations at The World Federation India Office in Mumbai. He has fulfilled this role since 2011 and his flagship initiative is to have run unique youth camps for the last seven years. Unique Islamic teaching One camp is organised for boys and one for girls every year, to […]

Ashraf Ali Haidari

Pakistan Federation Representative

Ashraf Ali Haidari is an active member of Karachi Jamaat, known for undertaking whatever projects need his assistance and always ready to lend a hand. He served as Honorary Secretary from 2009 to 2012 and is currently an elected member of the Management Committee. KPSIAJ is a large organisation running multiple activities for the community […]

Khairoon Abbas

NASIMCO Representative

Khairoon Abbas is a Toronto-based Tanzanian-born Canadian communications professional with vast experience supporting international, educational, charitable and governmental organizations. In her volunteering life she puts this expertise to great effect by fostering a sense of pride and belonging in the Khoja community. Professional experience Khairoon has a Master’s degree in journalism and a Bachelor’s degree […]