About Us


Khoja News is about celebrating Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri achievement around the world, from landmark events that make the headlines to uplifting local community initiatives. We’re fully focussed on the successes of Khoja Institutions and Khoja Community Members and want to keep you all informed of events that occur globally.

We are casting our net wide, covering stories from education to sport, entrepreneurship to weddings. We’ll be posting articles that will surprise, delight and make you smile. Heart-warming stories of achievement against the odds and people going ‘above and beyond’. From finance to football to fashion.

Khoja News will also be the ideal place to look for announcements and to keep you connected to the Community.

But we cannot do it without you. We are open to contributions in the form of articles, ideas and photographs from anyone with a story to tell: about your community, your business, your family or something else you’ve seen that would interest Khoja readers.

We welcome complete finished articles, or just a few bullet points or a link that our team of editors and reporters can work up into a story.