Khairoon Abbas

NASIMCO Representative

Khairoon Abbas is a Toronto-based Tanzanian-born Canadian communications professional with vast experience supporting international, educational, charitable and governmental organizations. In her volunteering life she puts this expertise to great effect by fostering a sense of pride and belonging in the Khoja community.

Professional experience

Khairoon has a Master’s degree in journalism and a Bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, as well as a graduate certificate in scriptwriting.

She currently works in government communications where she supports strategic communications initiatives. Prior to that, she spent nearly two years coordinating the Toronto Jamaat’s communications and outreach activities. Khairoon spent six years working as a communications consultant with the United Nations, focusing on environmental awareness, education for sustainable lifestyles and youth.

She has also worked as a journalist and writer in Africa, where she travelled from Cairo to Cape Town by car gathering stories about African lifestyles. She is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual mom of two who has lived, studied and worked in Canada, Germany, Ethiopia, France and the United States. Khairoon has been published locally and internationally.

Community engagement

Khairoon is an active community member who contributes and gives back to the community whenever she can. Some activities including facilitating and presenting at workshops, organizing and managing outreach activities, liaising with community members, developing communications materials including articles and videos. Khairoon is dedicated to fostering a greater sense of pride and belonging in the community for the future generation so they remain connected to their religion and heritage for generations to come. She does this through her writing, event organization and management among other things.

Khairoon is honoured to be part of Khoja News and looks forward to bringing you North American happenings on this platform!