Cage Cricket contest attracts 300 youngsters


More than 300 young people have had a fantastic lesson in teamwork and high-energy fun at Karachi Jamaat’s first Cage Cricket tournament.

Fatimiyah Sports Complex hosted the event, bringing 40 teams together to compete in a sport that promises “high-octane entertainment.”

Cage Cricket is described as “dynamic, visual, fused with the attitude of youth culture and extreme sports.” It is played in an enclosed space at fast pace and players score when they bat, when they bowl and in the field.

Hyderabad Hawks victorious

Each team had 6 players and teams were divided into 8 groups, with each team playing four matches.

Top teams went on to the quarter and semi-finals, with Hyderabad Hawks beating Friends in the final to be crowned FSC Cage Cricket champions.

The contest continued over 2 weeks and saw more than 300 youths and children participate in a fun, uplifting community event.


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