Amira Apartments Update – Africa Federation Housing Board


The construction of Amira Apartments is progressing at a good pace with the structure and slab completed up to the 10th floor. Simultaneously, the finishing has started and the wall partitioning has reached on the 5th floor and advancing.

Alhamdulillah, the sample apartments of 4 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms were completed enabling the buyers to get first hand presentation of the apartments they intend to purchase, and to have satisfaction of the end product that meets their requirement and expectations; with this viewpoint in mind, the Housing Board facilitated the sample apartments for viewing by all applicants.

The applicants had the first opportunity to view the sample apartments from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st July and on 27th July 2019. They were also asked to give feedback during the viewing visits. Thankfully, by this time all the applicants have been interviewed and now the allocation committee will begin the process to allocate the apartments to the deserving families of the community.

On 29th July 2019, the AFED Housing Board organised for the AFED office bearers and DSM Jamaat officials to view the sample apartments. From Africa Federation were Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, Vice Chairman Alhaj Zainul Chandoo, Hon. Treasurer and AFED Trustee Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi. The DSM Jamaat officials were; Vice Chairman Alhaj Muslim Meghji and Trustee Alhaj Mohamedraza Dewji. Some AFED councillors, delegates and few ladies along with the main donor of the Amira Apartments project Alhaj Ahmedbhai Daya from UK were also present during this visit.

The visitors were impressed with the progress of the project and the finishing of the sample apartments; all were eager to see early completion of the project so that the 40 families expected to be accommodated in this building can move in at earliest possible.

The Contractor has been working with keen interest and determination to ensure good quality of workmanship and timely completion of the project, which has been consistent with the timeline of the project since its inception.

Visitors from Kampala and Nairobi Impressed:

The Housing Development Board Chairman welcomed Alhaj Mohammed Imran Sheriff, President of KSI Jamaat of Kampala, Uganda and Alhaj Murtaza Somji, Chairman of SAAJ Jaffery Academy in Nairobi, Kenya to Amira Apartments to witness the progress of the building.  Alhaj Akil Hirji explained to the visitors on the whole concept of the Housing Scheme and the AFED vision to provide housing at reasonable cost as well as on the Rent-to-Own Scheme to the community members.

The project started in August 2018, this month marks one year since the site was handed over to the contractor and Alhamdulillah the progress has been to our expectation, in keeping up with standards and timeline. The AFED Housing Board Chairman Alhaj Akil Hirji express his gratitude to the main contractor and his team,  the consultants and the Housing Development Board members for the good work done, and was hopeful with the early completion.

Akilbhai expresses his sincere gratitude to the AFED Chairman Alhaj Shabbir Najafi, the office bearers, Trustees and AFED Secretariat staff for their good support, guidance and encouragement. Our Special thanks go to Alhaj Ahmed Daya the main donor for Amira Apartments for his overwhelming support and continuous and encouragement.

The Allocation Committee deserves special mention for their outstanding dedication and hard work in interviewing the applicants and working late hours during the holy month of Ramadhan.

The Allocation committee members are: Sis. Shakera Dhanani Vice-Chair Housing Board, Sis. Zakiya Khamisa Legal Advisor Housing Board, Br. Zulfikar Alimohamed AFED Representative, Br. Gulambhai Kermali DSM Jamaat Trustee and Br. Sajjad Dharamsi DSM Jamaat Managing Committee Member.
30th  August 2019


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