Free transport for non-COVID patients in Mumbra area of Mumbai


A Khoja volunteer is offering a fine example of selfless help for others during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sadiqali Punja, a volunteer at Mumbai Jamaat, has organised a free autorickshaw service to get patients to their GP or local hospital.

This service is not for those suffering from coronavirus – who are supported by the municipal authorities – but instead for other members of the community.

It is providing an invaluable helping hand to families in the Mumbra suburb of Mumbai, which is home to 470 Khoja and 550+ Sadaat families, the majority in the lower-income group.

The service is available to all, free of charge and 24/7.

Convenience of all

“Due to the lockdown and curfew, patients with non-COVID health issues aren’t able to reach their GP or local hospitals. This service helps them,” Mr Punja said. “I realised that at this time of emergency it is very difficult to find a vehicle service, and the curfew makes it ever harder.

“I have organised this service to help patients reach their healthcare destination on time,
for the convenience of all and to avoid any additional problems.

“It is not intended as a service for patients with coronavirus because their cases are handled by the municipal authorities.”

As well as volunteering at Mumbai Jamaat, Mr Punja is Area Sales Supervisor for Giordano watches.

Service above self

Former World Federation President Dr Asgar Moledina said: “This is a great story of reaching out to others during this pandemic. What a hero! Service above self, especially at this time of isolation, this gentleman volunteers to organise this greatly needed essential service.”


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