Go get the Gold with Allah’s help! Sports champion’s advice to young Khojas


“Lift yourself up, hand over your matters to Allah, and GO GET THE GOLD!” That is the message from Indian snooker champion Hasan Abbas Badami.

Badami has been India’s No.2 and a four-time state champion, and he credits his faith as a key reason in his success.

My passion is my work

“In my opinion, among the most contented people are those who are fortunate enough to be able to adopt their hobbies as a profession,” Badami says. “And that is what I love the most about my sport. My passion is my work. It’s a reflection of my nature. The essence of my being echoes through the sound of the balls being potted. The colourful balls, the green baize, the stillness in the air and the tranquillity when watching the game, all of it is such an incredible mixture of serenity that is extremely soothing for me.”

Asked about his greatest achievement, he replies: “Every victory feels great. Every win is a feather in my cap no matter how big or small the tournament. Subjectively, my biggest victory was when I was playing the National Finals but I lost and ended up being India’s No.2. Even though I didn’t win a gold, being a silver medallist at the national level is by far the greatest thing I have achieved on such an enormous platform.

Guided by Allah

“My most significant principle in life is that being aggressive doesn’t work, be it off or on the table. Strategising, foreseeing and composure are what get me through every time.

“Indubitably, all of this is possible because of my firm faith in Allah and my belief that He is going to guide me through challenging situations.” Defending his fourth State title against a highly experienced opponent who was his mentor, coach and a crowd favourite, Badami was understandably nervous. But: “Keeping my faith in Allah, I was able to keep my temperament and later took home the title of State Champion.”

Secret of my success

Badami knows what inspired him to success: “Islam is a beautiful religion that keeps you grounded and well connected with your true self, which personally is one of the key reasons to anyone’s success. Once you start realising that there is only Allah indeed helping you achieve your victories, you unequivocally succeed in what you do.

“My parents have always inculcated the importance of religion and discipline in life since I was a child. Those values have helped me live a meticulous life, sticking to my daily routines, making sure I practice regularly, and most importantly, not letting my successes get to my head.”

Making my community proud

Community is vital, Badami says. “I am extremely grateful to be a part of this community. Not only does it give me the satisfaction of being on the true path, it also gives me a sense of genuine belonging. Over the past few years, our people have come together to acknowledge the importance of sports and the achievements the players bring to the community.”

He is now calling for the community to increase its support of sportspeople and value their contribution: “It would be a dream come true if our brothers and sisters also started supporting sportsmen in any way they could. It would not only benefit one particular individual but our community as a whole. With every win, I am grateful for Allah’s blessings for showing me the way and making my family and community proud.”

Finding mental strength

And Badami has priceless advice for young players.

“I believe simple things that make you a better human are what’s going to get you to succeed,” he says. “Being aggressive doesn’t work. You need to plan your shots, stay focused and calm, take calculated steps and not be hasty.

“One thing that the young generation needs to always keep in their minds is that you need to be mentally strong when you are down. Overthinking your failures and flaws is just going to push you towards depression and your downfall from there is inevitable. Lift yourself up, hand over your matters to Allah, and GO GET THE GOLD!


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