Health Insurance Plan for Karachi Khojas


A new and cost-effective health insurance plan has been devised for members and employees of KPSIAJ.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between KPSIAJ and RIB Insurance and Brokerage Services and UBL Insurers.

The Opening Ceremony and Awareness Session for the Sehatmand Jamaat Health Insurance Program was held at Bhojani Hall.

Popular scheme

KPSIAJ’s Vice President, H.I Agha Sajjad Mehdavi, chaired the event, which was also attended by Dr. Dilbar Saeed from DMS Fatimiyah Hospital and Dr Fizza Hasan from eConnex (Pvt) Ltd.

A large number of community members also actively participated, showing support and the popularity of this new health insurance scheme for Khojas.