MCE efforts in facilitating an online madrasah platform


Madrasah teaching is continuing despite the coronavirus pandemic ­– with online resources provided by The World Federation’s Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) giving pupils a brilliant way to keep up with their lessons.

During these unprecedented times, the MCE is committed to ensuring madrasah learning continues as seamlessly as possible. Many academic institutions are using online learning to ensure that their students’ learning journey remains uninterrupted and active and the MCE has prepared guidelines on a standardized way to do this.

The MCE team have reminded madaris that they can use a variety of online learning services free of charge. Technology such as Cisco Webex, Zoom and Google classrooms/hangouts are platforms that students can use to join tutorials online. These facilitate interaction with the teacher so that questions can be answered and work can be laid out for the next lesson.

High-quality materials and resources

Teachers will be sharing lesson-specific resources, activities & workbooks of singular lessons with the children via a link, attachment or PDF that they may download and print. Teachers are not, however, allowed to share copyrighted lessons and storybooks by providing a link or PDF copies to students or parents.

Many madaris are creating their own resources and activities during this time while their classes are being held online. They will be sharing these across the MCE network so that teachers have access to a wide range of high-quality materials for their students.

MCE has informed all its partner madaris by email about the online resources available to them. Students and their families do not have direct access to the system.

This is a teacher-led initiative which aims to bring the creativity of our global madrasah teachers together in one place for all our teachers to access and benefit from. Inshallah the aim is to then have an online option for every lesson so that the lesson objectives have been understood by the children.

Safeguarding and online safety

Because safeguarding of the children is at the forefront of all MCE activities, teachers will not be using interactive video-based platforms for Bands A and B. Audio delivery or screen sharing only with the host are recommended alternatives.

Madaris will also be reminding and encouraging older children to exercise online safety while they are learning.

These are difficult times and unchartered territory for all of us and we pray for all our communities and humanity at large to recover from them. In the interim the MCE is open to feedback and suggestions on how to help facilitate Tarbiyah for our children. Please contact us on


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