Welcome to Khoja News!

    Test test 28th feb

    I’m delighted to welcome you to Khoja News – an exciting new online home for the community to share news on what’s going on in the Khoja world.

    You’ll be able to read about the latest news on business developments and community projects, get notified of new births and weddings announcements, whilst also learning about and paying tribute to our Khoja role models.

    The platform has been designed to work across devices and all around the world. But what makes it truly unique is that it allows you to share your stories, so it can be platform that is community-led and focused on the Khoja community,

    As our Khoja community continues to grow and expand in generations, our rich-culture also diversifies, so it’s important we have a lasting place we can celebrate our heritage and at the same time keep up with all the fantastic things that are happening in our community.

    The website is now live and you can you can head straight over to read more.

    Shan E Abbas Hassam
    Secretary-General, The World Federation