New Breast Cancer Screening Initiative


KPSIAJ’s Women Wing launched a new Mammography Initiative for Breast Cancer Screening in Jashan e Eid e Ghadeer & Mubahila.

This is a collaboration between Fatimiyah Hospital’s Cancer Foundation, and the Women Wing of KPSIAJ. This will allow Khoja ladies to get themselves screened in Karachi at a very low cost.

Awareness session

Dr Atia Hussain, who is a Consultant Surgeon in Plastic and Breast Surgery at the Faitmiyah Hospital, ran an awareness session for ladies from the Khoja community regarding breast diseases. This focused especially on cancers and how they are easy to manage and can be treated, as long as they are detected early.

Khoja women should make use of this great opportunity to be screened, to make sure they are made aware of any health problems as soon as possible.


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