On the Frontline – An account of a Khoja Doctor from Milton Keynes fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many of our community members around the world that were and are still fighting the outbreak on the frontlines, trying to save as many lives as possible. In such trying times, to keep up the spirit, the Khojanews team has been striving to highlight the stories inspirational individuals from our community by presenting news-stories and write ups of their experience during the pandemic. We are delighted to share with you another inspiring story of our community member from Milton Keynes – Dr Hamid Manji.

About Dr Hamid Manji

Dr Hamid Manji is an ICU Consultant, at the Milton Keynes Hospital, who has taken a senior role in leading the hospital through the crisis and has been interviewed by ITV (Ross Kemp), the BBC and various radio stations about Covid-19’s impact and the challenges that he and his team faced during the pandemic.

Covid-19 Threads

Covid-19 threads is a series of short films derived from twitter threads that have appeared during the Covid-19 pandemic. These shorts are designed to sit back in the same social media space that the authors originally located them in.

An episode for this Covid-19 thread was especially commissioned by Milton Keynes Islamic Art and Culture Organisation (MKIAC), where Dr Hamid’s words, voiced by Sacha Dhawan, were converted into a short film to be a part of this thread. In this short film, Dr Hamid tells the story of his experience of Covid-19 working in Milton Keynes University, “… now as I see, as a doctor it was easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed and as a team we were resilient and we did all we could to save lives … The focus was intense, we worked around the clock in alien suits. The virus is ruthless but the medical and nursing teams showed compassion to the patients in our care who did not have their loved ones near and for now we have prevailed but many brave souls did not come back.”

Dr Hamid’s encounter with Covid-19

During his interview with ITV – Ross Kemp, Dr Hamid highlighted the gravity of the situation and the importance of staying at home, “I’m doing a 12 hour shift that I haven’t done since I was a senior house officer 30 years ago, but we’re doing that now as a group of people to try and manage the overwhelming number of patients that we’re seeing and how sick they are.” He continued by adding his experience with the virus, “I’ve had Covid, I’ve had 10 days of fever, I’ve had myalgia and the rest, thankfully, and I don’t know why, but thankfully, it hasn’t affected my chest so in effect I got over it and I’m better and I’m back at work.”

Dr Hamid Manji’s interview with ITV is available on Youtube. To watch the video, please click here. To view his the Covid-19 thread short film, please click here.

We pray to Allah (swt) to protect all our community members especially the individuals who are on the frontlines, helping in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, Ameen.


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