Special Report part 2: Exciting plans ahead for AFED Housing


Written by James Raftery

The Housing Development Board of AFED has been working hard on delivering new housing projects for the Khoja community. There are more pioneering projects underway or in the planning stages, bringing exciting new opportunities to community members.

This is the second part of a Khoja News Special report on AFED’s home-building success. Read the first part here.

Afsaaj Nairobi Project

The Nairobi Jamaat Housing Project is in its final stage of completion and should be ready by June 2019. The current speedy progress has been possible with the efforts of new board member Alhaj Mohammed bhai Bandali of Nairobi.

This is a joint project between the Africa Federation and Shia Asna Asheri Jamaat of Nairobi (SAAJ) that will provide houses to the first-time buyers in the community at a reasonable price. The plot is located close to the Jaffery Islamic Centre, Naushad Merali Drive, off James Gichuru Road, in Livington area.

The project consists of 48 three-bedroom apartments, 28 of which SAAJ will promote for sale to first-time buyers. AFED will sell the remaining 20 units to Community Investors around the world.

Amira Apartments Project

This project started on 10 August 2018 and is progressing well. A plot measuring 800 sq. m in a prime location along Mfaume Road in Dar Es Salaam has been donated to AFED through passionate efforts and dedication by Alhaj Ahmed bhai A. Daya of the United Kingdom.

The project consists of 13 floors with a car parking facility in the basement, ground and first floors, and 40 apartments from second to eleventh floors out of which 20 are four-bedroom and 20 are three-bedroom with a spacious terrace hall.

Preliminary interviews will start soon so that all applicants will be interviewed, and eligible applicants will be given a chance to view the sample apartment that is expected to be ready by end of April 2019.

Zahra Residency Madagascar Project

This project started in August 2018 and is expected to be completed by February 2020. It is a quadripartite project between the World Federation (WF), Africa Federation (AFED), Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI) and Antananarivo Jamaat.

The plot measures 925 sq. m, and is located at the Ambodiovanjo Ivandry – a prime residential district. The project is based on a Rent-to-Own scheme for first-time buyers, to provide them with decent and reasonably priced apartments in Antananarivo city. The project will consist of 30 apartments; five floors with six apartments per floor and a parking lot on the ground floor to accommodate 30 cars.

Tanga Hawzah Project

The Housing Development Board, in collaboration with the Central Bilal Board and Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, are undertaking a building project for Bilal Tanga Branch. It was successfully started in November 2018 and is progressing well. It is a seven-storey building that consists of classrooms, a lecture hall, staff room, 42 rooms for accommodating students, four two-bedroom apartments for lecturers, dining area, kitchen and terrace for Bilal Girls Hawza.

Umoja Complex, Dar es Salaam

The long-awaited project started on 15 January 2019. This project has been divided in two phases. Phase One will be a basement for the car park, ground floor and erection of steel structures and decking. Phase Two will consist of finishing the entire project.

This will be an ultra-modern building consisting of showrooms on the ground floor and offices spread over three floors, with facilities such as parking, lifts and a 24-hour standby generator. It will also include 12 residential apartments intended for rental to companies who may wish to accommodate their staff.

The Housing Development Board is also keen to share some details of exciting projects coming in the future:

Uhuru Project

This is a Tripartite Housing Project on Uhuru Street in Dar es Salaam city centre involving the World Federation (WF), Africa Federation (AFED) and KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam.

AFED Tower/Babuseth

This is a trust property; the plan is to demolish the old structure and to build n eleven-storey building which will consist of a basement, ground floor for shops, first and second floor for AFED offices, and seven floors of service apartments that will be used for overseas guests.

Madagascar Project

The Board is in the process for negotiating to obtain a plot for another housing project. AFED and CROI managed to secure a donor, Alhaj Raza Ali Hiridjee, to sponsor the plot and undertake the full construction cost for a Sports Complex, which will have many uses for members of our community in Antananarivo.

Malawi Mosque Project

Africa Federation has secured a plot of about one acre in a prime location in Lilongwe through the kind support of the Alhaj Mohamedraza Saboor family. Presently the Lilongwe Jamaat has a centre which was acquired about a year ago where members congregate for daily prayers, Majlises and Madressah for children.

Tanga Project

The Tanga Jamaat has requested a housing project to rent out for income generation. The AFED Housing Board is planning to visit Tanga Jamaat soon to pursue the planning.

Good governance

The Board is grateful to The Almighty for the huge strides it has made in laying a foundation of good governance in the matter of housing schemes since its appointment.

It appeals to all Jamaats to follow strictly the pre-project procedures of carrying out a feasibility study, need analysis, financial analysis and resource and proper project plan before embarking on any capital project or redevelopment of old buildings and plots of land.


Board chairman Akil Hirji wishes to thank in particular the AFED Chairman, Alhaj Shabir bhai Najafi, Office Bearers, Trustees and most importantly board members consisting of Vice Chair, Sr. Shakera Dhanani, the Legal advisor Sr. Zakiya Khamisa, Br. Azim Mawji, Br. Mohammed Bandali (from Nairobi), Br. Yusuf Jiwa (from Mombasa), Br. Navazaly Molou and Br. Ashfak Vallimamod from Madagascar who have been working with great dedication and zeal to achieve the goals of the board. The Engineer, Br. Mohamed Moledina and Br. Azim Bhalloo, Umoja Complex Supervisor, have been a great support to the Board. AFED Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Hussein Karim and the Secretariat staff at AFED Head Office in Dar es Salaam have played an important roles in updating the community newswires about these projects, thereby building confidence in donors.

Mr. Hirji would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following people and institutions for their support and cooperation:

  • Alhaj Ahmed A. Daya of UK
  • The SANITAS Merali Foundation of UK
  • Alhaj Gulamabbas bhai Dewji (GD) and Family
  • Chairmen and Members of the Housing Board of the Member Jamaats of AFED
  • G1 Group Security Company.
  • Raza Aly Hiridjee
  • The World Federation of KSIMC


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