Sydney rocks!


An exciting rock-climbing challenge for Madrassah students kicked off the 17th Rabbi-ul-Awaal Celebration at Imam Hasan Centre in Sydney.

The event celebrates the birthday of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and our 6th Imam, Imam Jafar-as-Sadiq AS.

This year’s celebrations began with rock climbing for all the madrassah students and some brave parents. During the Madrassah break the students had great fun dangling from a height and competing to reach the top.

The Madrassah was followed by a class presentation and nasheed by the senior Qur’an class organised by their teacher Sis Sabira Rashid. This was followed by an insightful lecture by Sheikh Nami followed by a 50-question Kahoot Quiz with prizes.

Awards for volunteers

Volunteers giving outstanding service were also recognised at the event. Their names will be displayed on the Centre’s honour board.

Community Awards 2018:
Sis. Shamim Ami – IHS teacher and Committee member: Sister Shamim has worked tirelessly at Madrassah and at home with Admin whilst holding a full-time job.

Community Awards 2019:
Sis. Erum Badami – Niyaz and Madrassah Snack volunteer: Sister Badami works tirelessly every Saturday with a smile on her face.

Youth awards for outstanding service

Youth Award 2018:
Sis. Annya Reshty
Sis. Zaynab Aly
Br. Alamdar Raza

These three young people, past Madrassah students, now in tertiary education, have given outstanding service over many years, helping with Niyaz setup and service, cleaning halls, vacuuming, and always saying ‘yes’ to anything they were asked to do.

Youth Award 2019:
Br. Muhammed Raza: the youngest volunteer to receive an award for outstanding service, Muhammad is a current Madrassah student. He has helped with cleaning up after majlis and Niyaz program every Saturday night for the past few years.

Br. Qasim Mehdavi: a past student of the Madrassah and current assistant teacher, Qasim also recited S Yasin and nauhas and helps with Niyaz service.

Class 1 student Emaan Damji, aged six, had the terrific idea of having a lemonade stall and donating the funds to the Project Lebanon 2019 fundraiser – she raised $126. Centre organisers thanked Mohamed Damji and Sis Mubina for encouraging her.