Too old at 62? Never!


Dentist Shabir Jagani will be undertaking the 55-mile London to Brighton cycle ride next month to raise money for WF Aid.

At 62 he says it can be daunting being surrounded by accomplished younger riders, but rigorous training and determination have seen him through a 46-mile bike ride across London for Cancer Research and a 55-mile cycle through Cambridgeshire which raised £1,480 for charity.

Cycling is both a way to keep fit and make friends, he says. He was encouraged to get fit by Dr Mahmood Mawjee and found cycling easier on his knees than running.

Brothers on Bikes

However, for Jagani cycling is so much more than maintaining his fitness.

He recently rode in a joint event between Stanmore Jafferys, his home team, and the Peterborough branch of a national Sunni organisation called “Brothers on Bikes,” thereby exemplifying the essence of interfaith activity.

Courtesy of SJ Cycling lead Mo Ladha and his team the cycling community has expanded over the last few months. It provides a great platform for socialising and networking as it breaks the traditional barriers of age due to a common shared passion.

Inclusive and welcoming

This coupled with Ladha’s motto of “We do not leave anyone behind,” ensures that the community is inclusive and welcoming for newcomers.

Donate here to Jagani’s London to Brighton challenge and support WF Aid.

For those who wish to get involved in SJ cycling please contact Mo Ladha at


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