Worldwide clamour for AFED housing offer


A new Africa Federation housing complex in Dar es Salaam is attracting would-be occupiers from all over the world.

The Amira Apartments are a Rent-to Own scheme, enabling low and middle-income earners to own their home within a timeframe of 10 years.

The project is expected to be completed in December 2020.

Global requests

AFED’s Housing Development Board has received requests for the 40 apartments from far and wide.

“Lately, we have been receiving requests from Khoja community members globally who intend to migrate to Dar es Salaam,” a spokesman said. “The Housing Board will consider and provide assistance to the members after the Board receives requests from their respective Jamaats.”

New arrivals must undertake to live in the block themselves and cannot obtain an apartment on behalf of someone else. “This will only be applicable to those who will migrate and stay in the apartments themselves,” the spokesman said.

Owning a home

The project is part of AFED’s drive to build and facilitate 200 apartments by 2022, offering affordable housing for community members, helping them own a home and develop economically.

Construction of the Amira Apartments is making impressive progress, with internal and external plaster to be completed by May 2020, while installation of lifts, apartment front doors and other interior works are continuing at a good pace.

The apartment block sits on a plot measuring 800 sq. m in a prime location along Mfaume Road that was donated to the Federation through the passionate efforts and dedication of UK resident Alhaj Ahmed bhai A. Daya.

On his latest visit to the project he said he was overwhelmed by the continued good quality work and the pace of the project.

Importance of teamwork

The Housing Board said: “Teamwork in such communal mega projects is important for successful completion within the scope and the budget. We appreciate the efforts and input by the contractor to complete the project as soon as possible without compromising on the quality and by working closely with the consultants to ensure the standards of quality and workmanship are adhered to.”

The project consists of 13 floors with car parking in the basement, ground and first floors, and 40 apartments from the second to eleventh floors, of which 20 have four bedrooms and 20 have three bedrooms. There will also be a spacious function hall on the terrace.

Community members seeking more information about the project can email:

AFED Business Park

Meanwhile, AFED’s new Business Park commercial venture in Dar es Salaam is also making good progress towards completion.

The showroom design has been upgraded to a more attractive design with plans for offices, a banking hall, retail stores, an exhibition hall, a cafeteria and interconnection to AFED’s current  20 warehouses. The project comprises four floors and basement parking, the only such parking facility in the area and which has space for 150 cars.

Internal electrical works and plastering are due to be finished by May 2020, and the contractor has been encouraged to increase the speed of the remaining works for earlier completion.

Vision and commitment

“This mega project has been possible due to the long vision, support and commitment of Africa Federation Chairman Shabir bhai Najafi and the Office Bearers,” a spokesman said.

Chairman Najafi praised his colleagues’ tireless efforts, time and commitment in working conscientiously to ensure good standards of workmanship and good-quality materials and fittings.

In another landmark achievement, construction is soon to begin on the 11-storey AFED Towers.


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