Young soul who touched children’s hearts passes away


Sajida Jivraj-Dharamsi, a young soul, passed away on the 7th of June in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She was the daughter of Gulam Abbas Bhimani and the sister of Ali Jawad, Fatima and Zainab Jivraj. She is desperately missed by her husband, Sajjad Dharamsi and four children, Ali Hasan (aged ten), Muhammad Mahdi (eight), and twins, Kadhim Abbas and Zaynab (two).

Throughout her life, she dedicated herself to teaching in madrasa and touched the hearts of children in Peterborough, Orlando, Toronto, established her own Home madrasa in Dubai and currently managed the Zaynabiya Workshop in Dar es Salaam, which includes over 100 children.

As a teacher she founded her own school in Dar es Salaam, Stepping Stones, where she ensured that along with the curriculum she instilled Islamic morals and principles within the students.

She created a Facebook page, Muslim Kids, where she always posted updates of her madrassa sessions and worksheets relevant to the current Islamic months for mothers to use for their children.

Passion for connecting children with the Qur’an

She authored multiple children’s books, including ‘The Story of Ashab ul Feel’, ‘My First Book of Faith’, ‘My Muharram Book’, and many others. Her underlying passion in everything that she did was that all the children she taught connected themselves with the Qur’an and the Ahlul bayt [a], whether they were on holiday, or even in their normal daily lives.

She always ensured that not just the children learnt, but even the mothers. She hosted Fiqh sessions for mothers, so that they could understand the Islamic rulings and help their children implement them.

She participated in many little projects that inspired everyone around her, such as printing T-shirts dedicated to Imam Husayn’s message, and distributing it to all her students as well as their families. Sajida was also an instrumental part of the Dar al Zahra school established by her father in Najaf al Ashraf.

Making the world a better place

Sajida gained her inspiration from the Ahlul-bayt [a] having visited Medina just 40 days prior to her passing away.

Sajida wanted to make this world a better place and she had the drive as well as the passion to follow through. Today, she may not be with us physically, but she has left her footprints all over the world for us to follow; children and parents alike.


  1. May allah grant her maghferat and keep her in her in the presence of the aimmah (as) and grant Sabre jameel to the family inshallah in this very trying time.

  2. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un??? I pray that the Almighty Lord give the family the strength to withstand this tragic moment.? May Allah swt bless her soul in peace and grant her the highest level of paradise ? Al Fatiha ?


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