A Khoja Doctor from London is being awarded with The British Citizen Award


The Khoja community in London has been made proud once again, as Dr Mohammed Abbas Khaki is all set to receive the prestigious British Citizen Award (BCA) in recognition of his extraordinary endeavours and services in the field of Healthcare.

Who is Dr Mohammed Abbas Khaki?

Dr Mohammed Abbas Khaki is a London based portfolio General Practitioner at the NHS (National Health Service), holding roles as a media doctor, medical educator and international medical relief worker. He is a Senior Associate of the General Medical Council and a writer and presenter of ‘Dr Mo’s Happy Clinic’, a Good Health Show miniseries.

Dr Mohammed Abbas’s Outstanding Contributions

Dr Khaki is an established and trusted health expert, working with NHS England, Public Health England and mainstream media outlets to tackle and address health misinformation, support the vaccine drive and provide expert opinion on health and wellbeing issues.

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Dr Khaki has doubled his efforts, joining the NHS frontline Covid-19 efforts, helping to source and provide PPE to frontline workers and upscaled his charity’s global efforts to support those afflicted.

He has assisted the development of polyclinics in Iraq, providing medical, dental and optical services whilst establishing a mental health programme for two orphanages of over 1,000 children in Iraq. He conducts regular outreach work for the welfare of hard-to-reach communities addressing taboo subjects, medical screening and blood donation camps.

Dr Khaki is the co-founder and Trustee of ‘Who is Hussain’ Foundation, a grassroots social justice movement with a global footprint of over 100 teams across six continents. He was among the first responders to the fire at Grenfell Tower in London and has also worked to serve the displaced populations across Bosnia, Calais, Lesbos, Tanzania and India. He most recently assisted with the Rohingya Refugee Crisis, helping to create a fellowship in refugee medicine that has trained 99 doctors across 36 NGOs.

About The British Citizen Award

The British Citizen Award (BCA), now in its 8th Year running, was established in 2015 to recognise exceptional individuals who are otherwise overlooked for their tireless and selfless efforts to make a positive impact on their communities and society.

Dr Khaki will be honoured with The British Citizen Award for Services to Healthcare on March 24. He will receive the coveted BCA Medal of Honour and will be invited to use the post-nominals BCAh as a legacy of his achievement.

The Khojanews team congratulates Dr Mohammed Abbas Khaki, his family and the Khoja Community, especially in London, for this significant achievement and pray to Allah (swt) to increase his taufeeqat, Ameen!