Brilliant teacher trainer achieves Masters


The World Federation (WF) is celebrating the success of its head of teacher training Sayyid Ali Naqvi, who has achieved Distinction in his Masters in Education.

WF now has an in-house educationalist who is spearheading madrasah teacher training worldwide.

This is a huge stride forward as Sayyid will be deploying deep expertise that will allow teachers to be the best they can be when working with their pupils.

Forefront of faith teaching

Combined with Sayyid’s astonishing commitment to delivering training programmes – up to 14 a year, across the globe –  this puts WF at the forefront of faith teaching.

“We are all massively proud of Sayyid, his incredible work ethic and his academic brilliance that are giving Khoja children such an advantage in their learning at the madrasah,” said WF Secretary General Shan E Abbas Hassam.

“We know our Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) has an exceptional curriculum, but if teachers are not skilled, how can they teach the content? Thanks to Sayyid we know we are in very safe hands.”

A student again at 47

Sayyid designed the MCE’s Teacher Skills Programme (TSP) and has been delivering it across four continents since 2014. But he knew he had to understand education, its academic foundations and its methodologies if the TSP was going to excel.

He attained a Masters in Islamic Studies in London, continued his studies in Iran, then taught Islamic Studies at a number of institutions. He achieved a Diploma in Life-long Teaching and Learning back in the UK. Then undertook his three-year Masters in Education specialising in Teaching and Learning at Birmingham City University at the age of 47.

“Studying for my Masters at the same time at delivering the TSP was very, very challenging,” he said. “I had to combine WF work with my research, assignments and thesis. I would treat every plane like a library.

Intense but rewarding

“It was very intense, yet also very rewarding. I enjoyed every moment. I learned a lot during the training sessions and fed this into my practice-based thesis that the university said was one of the most interesting they had seen.”

Six months ago Sayyid admitted he almost gave up under the pressure – but with formidable determination he completed his Masters and was rewarded with a Distinction, the highest grade.

Inspiration for teachers

“My Masters has shown me the inspiration I believe I am giving teachers to pass on to children,” he said.

“I wanted teachers to be able to understand and work with the TSP, then apply it practically when they are with their pupils.”

His success in doing so is clear from the wonderful feedback he has received from teachers. Read here about Sayyid’s TSP globe-trotting mission.