Buy this inspirational book for just £5


An amazing inspirational book about disability has gone on sale for just £5.

Murtaza Dewji’s remarkable story gives a personal insight into his life as a young British Muslim.

And he decided to publish his book, Ability through Disability, to help a great cause: the World Federation Ramadan Relief Fund.

“It is a way to share my story of how it is possible to achieve what you wish to achieve in life,” he said.

How to buy the book

Buy the book now from the WF Bookshop. Postage is free

Murtaza, a member of the Stanmore Jamaat in London, suffers from Chronic Spastic Paraplegia with Essential Tremor.

The condition first became apparent during his childhood in Mombasa, Kenya. As it developed, he went from using a stick to crutches then a mobility scooter and finally a wheelchair.

Best International Disabled Student

But he has refused to be crushed by his disease. He completed his schooling and moved to the UK to study at the University of Westminster, where he was named Best International Disabled Student, a huge accolade.

He worked in financial services and is now a training administrator at Northwood Nursing Home in London. He was the figurehead of a Scope charity poster campaign, with his face plastered over London buses and on the Underground: “I felt like a celebrity!” he smiles.

Smiling is his secret. “I take my disability as a test from Allah but I always have a smiling face,” he says. “I have achieved a lot from just smiling.” Murtaza has passed his driving test (in a Mini Cooper) and done the family weekly shop in his scooter.

He has taught Qu’ran to children of all ages since 2002, given talks in the madrasah and mosque, and presented a one-hour speech to 250 pupils at the prestigious Dr Challoner’s School.

The effect of prayer

“Every day is a different day so I take the day as it comes,” he says. “I feel I have achieved and I can still achieve what I want to in the future. I am a Muslim going through different challenges, but everyone will have to face a challenge in life.

“I am able to continue my prayers, which gives me satisfaction, even if sometimes I have to do so in bed … prayer definitely has an effect on my body.”

“My son Mustafa really inspires me. I can guide him on the right path and teach him Qu’ran, which really makes me feel better. I feel proud to show him my achievements in life.”

Look at the positives

Sometimes Murtaza feels the strain, however. “At times it can become really negative. ’Why me?’ ‘Why me?’ ‘Why me?’ … ‘Have I done something wrong?’ But in life you always need to look at the future and look at the positives.

“Everything is possible. You just need to have faith in yourself.”

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