Everyone deserves an experience like this


Participants on The World Federation’s first Medical Retreat in Iraq have praised it as truly life enriching, saying: “Everyone deserves an experience like this.”

The ten-day retreat for doctors, nurses and medical students aimed to help participants with their professional and personal development in the inspiring setting of the holy land of Najaf al-Ashraf.

Lectures covered both the scientific and spiritual aspects of medical practice and provided deep insights into the interaction between the body and soul.

Participants recorded their thoughts about the retreat, which is to become an annual event.

They praised the “emotional experience”, “shared wisdom”, “spirituality”, “sincerity of the teaching”, “family of knowledge” and “very humbling experience.”

Video testimonials

View their video testimonials here

Read the Najaf Medical Retreat blog here: http://world-federation.org/news/medical-retreat-najaf-updates

“An enlightening trip”

Comments from participants included:

“I hope it can continue for many years because everyone deserves an experience like this.”

“A spiritually and academically enlightening trip.”

“Words are too small for all the knowledge we have gained in the field of religion and medicine.”

“Well beyond my expectations.”

A better person

Finally, one participant noted: “We have a long journey ahead when we go back to daily life, where the real challenge begins. This was the boost I needed to gain knowledge about myself and be a better person.”

The event took place in April and as a result of its success The World Federation now plans to hold a similar retreat every year.

Read more about the retreat here


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