Free Healthcare Services for underserved people in Miami


In the current times, leading a life without falling ill is next to impossible. For these reasons, people usually get themselves medically insured or ensure they have access to health care systems in times of need. However, healthcare systems particularly in America can be very expensive which makes it is very challenging for everyone to have access to them.

During these difficult times, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, a clinic for the underserved in South Florida has come to light which offers free medical services to everyone in need.

The UHI Free Clinic

The Universal Heritage Institute (UHI) Clinic is a clinic in Miami Gardens, that offers free health services to the people who either don’t have access to health care services or can’t afford it.

In an interview with NBC 6, when asked about why he started the clinic, Dr Mohsin Jaffer mentioned that, “A group of us who are in health care or around health care realised that there are significant number of our fellow Americans who have no access to care. Now, fortunately if you are very poor or you’re 65 and above or you work for a big company, you get insurance. But there’s this segment that is of working poor that does not get insurance or access to health care. They are probably 50 million Americans; and these are people working in jobs where the employer cannot provide or does not provide insurance, they work for, as a waiter or a bus boy or a small company job but these people don’t get access to healthcare and that was a great deficit in our community. So we chose the most underserved area and set up a clinic in Miami gardens”

How does UHI Clinic help?

At the beginning when the clinic was set up, the doctors rendered their services, part time on just Saturdays. Later as more assistance was brought in, in the form of medical students and medical professors, the clinic now operates from Monday to Saturday and even has extended hours because a lot of the people who are working are not able to take time off work so they can visit the clinic in the evening.

The clinic is open to everybody for absolutely free. Dr Mohsin explained in his interview with NBC 6 that the state gives the clinic malpractice coverage sovereign immunity. The patients are required to sign a form which mentions that they either don’t have access to health care or can’t afford it and thats it; the clinic gives them completely free care.

It’s Team Work

On being appreciated for their services to the community in the interview, Dr Jaffer commented that, “Its not just me, but it’s a team and we are very proud of this team, the board members take out money from their pockets and give their time and effort and this is a labour of love that has come to a great frutition and is making a difference in our society. We are very glad to be a part of it all.”


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