From £10 to £2,150 a month – success stories from the Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme


This is the second piece in a three-part series about the Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme (ZCSS) and its success stories.

ZCSS is a World Federation-organised programme that helps to give children the opportunity to undertake primary and higher education.

The scheme is fully funded by the generous donations of sponsors. It was launched in 1981, and has since helped more than 25,000 students in India, Pakistan, Tanzania and Kenya. Currently there are 960 students supported by ZCSS.

These students are able to go on and study for further qualifications. The progression of their careers is empowered by the kindness of ZCSS sponsors.

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Google award winner – Mehboob Bhimani

Mehboob is a recipient of invaluable support from ZCSS. He and his father, who was a rickshaw driver, lived in the Bhavnagar Jamaat’s homes for vulnerable members of the community.

In 2010, Mehboob approached ZCSS to support him in studying for an undergraduate degree, a Bachelors in Commerce, which he finished in 2013. He completed this while working in a laboratory for £10 per month.

He sought work in Dubai and Africa, but was unsuccessful. He returned to India, and with ZCSS support was able to study for an MBA. He then secured a job in Delhi, earning £215 per month. In 2017 he started his own company, and today he is a Google Award-Winning Partner, earning £2,150 per month.

Counting on success – Sohil Virani

Sohil Virani was helped by the support of ZCSS sponsors at several key points in his career. He had already completed his Class 10 in 2005, and begun to train using Microsoft Office for accounting, and started working at an accountant’s firm when, in 2008, he began Class 12 with ZCSS support. He passed the accounting CPT Examination, and was able to double his monthly salary from £45 to £90.

However, this was not the end of Sohil’s involvement with ZCSS. Combining his own hard work with ZCSS support he went on to take up the chartered accountant’s IPCC, passing it in 2011. Putting his work experience, hard work and support from ZCSS to good use, Sohil now runs a successful accounting business, and earns £650 each month.

How to help

You too can help create amazing opportunities for more people like Sohil and Mehboob, by sponsoring a student’s education. You can join over 800 sponsors by donating to ZCSS.

It takes £10/$15 USD per month to sponsor a child through primary education, or a one-off contribution of £120/$170 USD.

Alternatively, £60/$85 USD per month, or a one-off contribution of £720/$1,020 USD, will sponsor a student through higher education.

The communities that ZCSS work with thank all sponsors for their much-valued support. Donations can be made online. Go to then under “Choose a Campaign or Cause” type ZCSS and select primary or higher education.

Create lasting change

This generosity helps to empower students in order to create lasting change in their lives, their communities and their world.

To read the first piece in the series, click here. To read the final piece, click here.


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