How to tackle spiritual challenges – Muballigheen Seminar


Spiritual challenges facing the Khoja community will be discussed at a special seminar this week.

The World Federation-Islamic Education North American Muballigheen Seminar in collaboration with NASIMCO will be hosted by ISIJ of Toronto on 20 June.

The seminar aims to bring together the North American Muballigheen of the community to:
1) discuss key spiritual challenges facing the community in North America;
2) formulate strategies for working together more effectively to meet these challenges; and
3) identify the support required from the WF to further tableegh in North America.

Burning issues

Theme One will be Internal Tableegh in North America: Challenges and Opportunities. Papers to be presented include Burning Issues Facing the Community, and Presenting Orthodox Islam to Millennials in North America.

Theme Two is External Tableegh in North America: Challenges and Opportunities. Presentation topics include Interfaith and Humanitarian Approaches, and Making Use of Current and Emerging Technologies in Tableegh.

Action Plan

Theme Three will be Islamic Religious Education and Youths: Latest Approaches & Experiences. The group discussion will centre on: What strategies do we need to implement to help us improve the religious education of young people in North America and address the challenges they are facing?

The day-long session will end with formulation of an Action Plan.


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