Ramadan Relief programme spreads joy in 21 countries


WF-AID’s 2019 Ramadan Relief programme has distributed much-needed food parcels to more than 650,000 people – as well as launching long-term projects to empower impoverished communities.

The month-long Food Packs funded by generous donations helped vulnerable families in poverty-stricken and war-torn countries as well as refugees fleeing conflict.

This Ramadan, WF-AID distributed 47,628 packs across 21 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Breaking the poverty cycle

The nutritional food helped children grow and pay attention in school, which is pivotal in helping them make the most of their education and break free from the poverty cycle that has shackled many families for generations.

What’s more, each pack was locally sourced, so they not only helped those in immediate need but supported the local economy.

Earning a living

As part of a long-term project to help communities work towards earning a living, WF-AID and its partners enrolled 12 displaced Syrian widows and orphans into cooking and baking courses, which give them the skills to start their own businesses.

Donations funded specialist equipment including pastry ovens, bread ovens, industrial-sized pots and pans and ingredients. The women are already making food to sell at the local supermarkets.

This small income is a big step towards economic self-sufficiency, and other sustainable projects are under evaluation.

Donors and volunteers thanked

In a message thanking donors, Madiha Raza, Head of WF-AID, said: “Thank you for helping over half a million people living in need this Shahr Ramadan. Each year, your generous donations provide vital support to people during the Holy month of Ramadan and this year was no different. WF-AID, through our partners on the ground, were helping to ensure that people all around the world feel the blessings of the Holy month.

“This has all only been possible through the generous support from our donors, the hard work of our partners on the ground and tireless volunteers, who have worked through difficult conditions to help facilitate the Ramadan distribution. May Allah (swt) accept your good deeds and reward you all for your efforts.”

A terrible ordeal

Case study: Raya was forced to flee her country because she was being abused by her husband. She came to Trinidad and Tobago seeking refuge from the trauma she experienced with her six-year-old daughter. She remarried but her new husband was also abusing her. She turned to the locals for help but instead, those who vowed to help her abused her and her daughter.

She was left with no one to help her and no citizenship or right to work. In fear for her life, she turned to WF-AID partners in Trinidad and Tobago for help. The ordeal this woman and her daughter have been through is terrible and WF-AID’s partners have been supporting her through this time. Donations funded a nutritious Food Pack to feed her and her daughter during Shahr Ramadan.