Khoja hospital in Karachi completes its 15 years of service


The Fatimiyah Hospital, a Khoja Pirhai Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat Karachi project, which was inaugurated in July 2006 and initiated with just a modest out-patient facility, has now blossomed into a full-fledged hospital serving the community and the local people with state of the art services.

About the Fatimiyah Hospital

The Fatimiyah Hospital is a modern, beautifully built air-conditioned health care facility located in the heart of Karachi in Soldier Bazar. Since its inaugural in 2006, the hospital has undergone many transformations to keep up with the equipment and technological advancements. Today, the hospital is a 106-bedded multi-disciplinary, secondary health care facility constructed over 2000 square yards of land.

Services offered and booking of appointments

The Fatimiyah Hospital offers 24×7 emergency services along with In-Patient Care (IPD), Out Patient Department (OPD) and Pathology services.

Patients can book an online appointment by emailing or by calling at (021) 111 012 014

15 successful years of Health Care Excellence

Recently, on the Wiladat of Lady Fatima Zahra (sa), i.e. 20th Jamadius Sani, the hospital completed 15 years of service.  On this occasion, the management released a statement on their social media pages thanking the Doctors and their well-wishers for their support. The message said, “Sincerity, dedication, and hard work results in organizational growth. The doctors, the paramedical staff, and especially our well-wishers made it possible for Fatimiyah Hospital to establish its name amongst the best hospitals in town. 15 years have passed, and with many more to come, the hospital will Inshallah continue to serve humanity with improved facilities and enhanced levels of passion & excellence, Qurbatan el Allah. We dedicate our existence and efforts to Bibi Fatimatuz Zahra (sa) in whose name this noble institution is founded.”

The President of The World Federation, Al-Hajj Safder Jaffer along with Dr Hussain Kanani, CEO of the hospital
The President of The World Federation Al-Hajj Safder Jaffer at Fatimiyah Hospital, accompanied by Agha Asgher Shaheedi, SG of Pirhai Jamat and Dr Hussain Kanani, CEO of the hospital

Al-Hajj Safder Jaffer, President of the WF says:

As the community celebrates 15 years of Fatimiyah Hospital in Karachi, it gives me great joy to commend and congratulate the Khoja Pirhai Jamat of Karachi for this great milestone. It is a real pride for our global Khoja community to have our own community hospital which continues to enhance its health services not only for Khojas but for the wider community in Karachi. I hope and pray that Inshallah the hospital continues to enhance its services and capacity and Pirhai Jamat can always look forward to WF as a partner on this journey, Inshallah. Once again, Mabrook to the entire Khoja community of Karachi.

The Khoja News team congratulates the Fatimiyah Hospital Management, the Doctors and the staff on this joyous occasion. We pray to Allah (swt) to reward them in abundance for all their hard work, Ameen.