Great events run by Fatimiyah Education Network


The Fatimiyah Education Network has been putting on some excellent events for Khoja children in the Karachi Jamaat.

For example, the Fatimiyah Montessori System ran a visit to the Wildlife Experience Center for its students, who had the opportunity to learn first hand about the habitats and behaviours of different animal species. They also organised a Fun Carnival from April 17th to 30th, with activities such as cold cooking, arts and crafts, a bouncy castle and recycling. The aim was to get children engaged with the environment in a creative and fun way.

The Fatimiyah Schools (for Boys and Girls) have also had a number of events for their pupils such as an Annual Results Day, awarding outstanding students prizes for all their hard work during the academic year. Students who had made the maximum use of library books received the ‘Best Library Users Award’, which encourages the habit and skills of reading and research.


Enhancing academic and life skills

The Fatimiyah Girls’ School has also organised club activities in order to enhance its students’ academic and life skills, with practical things like culinary skills, IT skills and public speaking; as well as academic clubs like science and maths. FGS alumni also conducted sessions on recitation, jewellery making and photography.

The Fatimiyah Boys’ School also organised club activities, with the theme of ‘Let’s Dive in the Learning Pool’, which included science and geography, mathematics, communication skills, calligraphy, photography and recitation, to help students become skilled individuals.

Both schools also organised a City Tour to acquaint students with the history of Karachi and to foster a sense of association and ownership with the city. Modern and historical architectural elements were included, and students also visited the Free Hall, its library and the Sadequain Art Gallery.

Celebrating Earth Day

The Girls’ School celebrated International Earth Day to create awareness about the conservation of natural resources. Students designed slogans to convey the message of Earth Day, wrote pledges and decorated them creatively.

There are many excellent educational events for students in the Karachi Khoja Jamaat!


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