Madrasah expands at heart of community


A popular madrasah in Sydney, Australia, has expanded fivefold in less than 15 years.
Imam Hasan School opened in 2006 with around 40 students and six teachers.

Now there are more than 200 children on the roll, with a dedicated team of 17 teachers plus over ten assistants.

Heart of the community
The School is the heart of the Imam Hasan Centre community, and the community has grown around the school.

This is reflected in the fact that whilst many teachers have had their children and grandchildren studying in the madrasah, this year for the first time it admitted the child of one of its alumni!

Mother and son, Tamana and Mahdi, are pictured.
Over the last few years, eight young alumni have returned to volunteer as assistant teachers.

Huge achievements
Two of them, including Daniyal, pictured teaching the kindergarten class, completed the Tarbiyyah syllabus training earlier this year. Currently there are five ex-students assisting the teachers whilst continuing with tertiary education.

For such a young madrasah, these are huge achievements.


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