Mental health support for front-line providers


Are you a Khoja healthcare professional able to offer support to other front-line providers in our community?

Healthcare workers are experiencing every day the moral distress and burnout of their colleagues.

Now plans are underway to create a mental health support group to bring them together through weekly Zoom meetings and a WhatsApp group.

It could include:

  • Weekly Shia physician, nurse, social worker, and all front-line healthcare professionals meeting on Zooms to provide mental health support.
  • A WhatsApp group for targeted, de-stressing content.
  • Mental health professionals available for consultation for our community only.
  • Religious scholars organizing Zoom sessions to guide providers through times of distress and offer moral support.

The initiative is part of the Mental Health Strategy drawn up by The World Federation’s COVID-19 Task Force but it is hoped that healthcare professionals will take the lead.

Contact +44 7851 601901 to get involved.

Read about The WF’s COVID-19 mental health hotline here


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