COVID-19: How we can help you


Food and medical supplies, mental health support, assistance for businesses, fundraising, reliable information, religious guidance and more …

The World Federation’s COVID-19 Task Force is working at full intensity to help, inform and educate Khoja communities around the globe in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

This infographic reveals the extent of the action we are taking in these incredibly difficult circumstances.

The worldwide Khoja community counts thousands of families in dire need at the best of times, and even more vulnerable today.

Making a difference together

We also count great minds, great business leaders, men and women of great determination and energy, all dedicated to helping our community and humanity as a whole.

Together we can make a difference.

From companionship to communication, Ramadhan strategy to rescue missions, our infographic shows what we are doing … and can give you ideas about how you might help if you want to join our army of volunteers.

Read about The WF’s COVID-19 mental health hotline here.

Read about mental health support for front-line providers here


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