An open invitation to our community members to be a part of a unique event


We are very delighted to present an open invitation to all our community members to be a part of our unique event TEDxMoseley. It is a powerful platform through which we, as a community, are creating an all-day public event featuring a full spectrum of speakers, that highlight ideas worth spreading and invite thought provoking conversations. Curated and infused with performances, delivered in a diverse tone and form, the TEDxMoseley event will leave you entertained, energized and inspired.

Why the need for it?

We strongly believe that our community is ready for real, authentic and meaningful conversations through intellectual dialogue, diversity of thought and a healthy portion of community spirit. Our community is bursting with talents, innovations, initiatives and most of all, ideas worth spreading that are just waiting for an opportunity to be unleashed.

The theme

We have carefully crafted our theme “spill the tea” to stimulate such conversations.

Spill the tea invites you to reach deep within, to gather courage to share your ideas, truths, vulnerabilities, and the secrets of your soul. In doing so, you inspire others and broaden your perspectives, whilst emerging dialogues become purposeful and address tough topics within the community in an authentic and meaningful way.

How you can join us?

There are multiple ways in which you can join us for this event:

Apply to speak: If you have an idea worth spreading and are inspired to speak at TEDxMoseley, please follow the link and apply now

– Partner with us: Strengthen your brand, support the community and get recognized through partnering with us for the event. Click here to partner now

– Sign-up to newsletter: Sign-up to our newsletter and stay in touch as we will share updates and behind the scenes action as the event unfolds. Kindly click here to sign-up for our newsletter

– Save the date: We understand that due to the current pandemic it is difficult to see what lies ahead of us, however our team intellects are confident that the pandemic would have mostly settled by the time the event comes around. We therefore ask you to add the date to your calendar and set yourself a reminder. TEDxMoseley, spill the tea, 18.10.2020

Also watch our Invitation video

Watch our short invitation video as Salim Rehmatullah warmly invites you to join us.

The team behind the event

We are a growing team of dedicated and passionate individuals motivated to deliver an unforgettable experience which serves our community, leaving a lasting impact. Our key members are:

Muhammad Meghji: Lead Organiser and Licensee
Salim Rehmatullah: Sponsorship Lead

For more information, please contact us via our website, or connect with us on social media.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on this journey!


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