Residents’ joy at pioneering AFED housing scheme


Residents have spoken of their joy at living in a pioneering Rent-to-Own housing scheme built by Africa Federation.

Families moved into the Al Asghary Residency in Dar es Salaam from July 2018 and have described it as “a dream come true”, “incomparable” and “amazing.”

Under the Rent-to-Own scheme low- and middle-income earners have a pathway to owning their home within a timeframe of ten years.

The Residency consists of 18 homes, three shops and a warehouse, and the deserving buyers were chosen after an in-depth application and interview process that was conducted with a total of 86 applicants.

Residents gave their views on the completed project at a meeting organised by the AFED Housing Development Board.

Case studies

  1. Dreams come true

“Owning your own house is a dream in these tough times when you are constantly struggling to make ends meet. But when a scheme like Al Asghary Residency came up it gave us hope that yes dreams can come true!! Rent to Own was introduced and executed very efficiently by the Africa Federation Housing Board. The scheme was made quite affordable with lots of efforts by the Housing Board and you get all the modern amenities utilising the space to the best. The added benefit is to live with our own community like a family and be with each other in joy and sorrow. We have majlises and khushalis together. The security of being in your own house and that you would leave behind an asset for your children is incomparable. Praying for all those behind it and such schemes should be continued by Africa Federation as it’s a stepping stone towards sustainability. It should be utilised by the community to the fullest!” – Sana Fatema Altafhussein Yusuf

  1. One big family

“The Al Asghary housing scheme has been very beneficial for me. The 2BHK is ideal for a family of three and the location is very well suited since most of our day-to-day life is centred around the city centre area. It is also conveniently located for our KSI mosque. The tenants are also very cooperative, and we consider everyone as one big family. The only setback would be the absence of a parking facility. My advice to fellow community members is to take advantage of such schemes. Not many communities offer such a housing facility to their members at a reasonable price and flexible payment terms. I would sincerely like to thank the Africa Federation Housing Board for all their efforts and commend them for a job well done!” – Mudassir Alloo

  1. Our children will own an asset

“Africa Federation have given us the hope of owning a house and secured our family. Prior to the Rent-to-Own scheme we were renting our apartment, with a fear of receiving a notice to vacate due to lucrative offer by someone else or the rental price increasing. Now we have the following advantages: we feel secure, the rental that we are paying now towards the apartment will eventually end up going to be ours in future, our future generation shall own an asset, no fear of escalation, no interest, easy and flexible terms, and it brings a sense of belonging to the community. I urge community members to take advantage of such schemes and become owners of their houses.” – Hassanali Alidina

  1. Realising our goal

“The Rent-to-Own scheme has helped many realise their goal of owning a house and the lovely families that have moved in make it a home. It is amazing having our own little family with whom we stand by, support and celebrate life’s milestones as well as hold events in honour of the Holy personalities. I sincerely thank all the individuals who have played a part in making this initiative a success and pray for any future projects to come up wonderfully.” – Sukaina Zahir Alimohamed

  1. Take maximum benefit!

“This scheme is a blessing uplifting our community members to become responsible house owners. The scheme initiates a will to work and own the house. When a middle-income earner has a proper job but is living in rented premises, those premises will never be his or her own. In this scheme he or she will work harder and pay rent, eventually becoming owner of the house. Furthermore, the benefits are immense, especially where our youths are working in the corporate world, the house gives you security to start your own business, it gives you security, for your family and your future generation. I strongly urge our community members to take maximum benefit of this scheme.”  –  Shabbirali H Mussa

Praise for residents

The Al Asghary residents met Chairman of AFED Housing Development Board Akil bhai Hirji, along with the Vice Chair Shakera bai Dhanani, legal advisor Zakiya bai Khamisa and Project Coordinator Mohamed Moledina.

Mr Hirji praised the well-maintained building, timely rent payments and mentoring organised to help the residents take over the upkeep and learn ways to run the building successfully. He appreciated the residents staying in a conducive environment as one family and commended the weekly majalis taking place for all residents every Thursday.

Residents brought up several issues with the Housing Board such as accounts, service fees, lift maintenance, insurance and security. The Board will assist the residents to solve these issues as far as possible.

A motivated and dedicated team

In a message to AFED, the Al Asghary Residency Committee said: “We cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to take on the completion of this project beyond their comfort zones! A project like this cannot happen overnight. The wheels started rolling months ago. It requires planning and a bird’s eye for details. We have been fortunate enough to be backed by a team of very motivated and dedicated personalities who always took time to make sure we are comfortably settled in our dream houses. May Allah s.w.t bless you all in abundance!”


AFED Housing Development Board Chairman, Akil bhai Hirji wish to express their sincere appreciation to Dar es Salaam Jamaat for their valuable collaboration and co-operation with AFED in this project for the benefit of the members of our community in Dar es Salaam. He conveys similar sentiments to Dar es Salaam Jamaat President, Alhaj Azim Dewji, AFED Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi, AFED Office Bearers and Trustees for their untiring support and guidance all the time. Special thanks to the Dar es Salaam Jamaat and AFED Joint Allocation Committee for their meticulous work in the allocation process which was instrumental in the efficient allocation of the flats to the deserving members of the community. The Joint Allocation Committee members included Sis. Shakera Dhanani, Sis. Zakiya Khamisa, Br. Azim Mawji, Br. Ghulam Kermali, Br. Shane-Abbas Jessa and Br. Munawar Bharwani. Alhamdullilah the good efforts by all has brought this project to fruition.


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