Khoja Heritage Tour – who are we?


Have you ever wondered who we really are?

Find out where our ancestors came from and the steps they took for us to become the Shias we are today.

We visited some key historical locations in India and took a step back in time by joining The World Federation’s second exciting Khoja Heritage Tour from 20 – 30 December 2018.

This amazing 10-day tour is part of our Khoja Heritage Project. It will allow younger community members aged 25 to 45 to experience the land of our ancestors and hear about the challenges our elders overcame on their incredible journey.

Six stunning cities in 10 days

The tour visited six outstanding cities – Bhuj, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Mahuva, Amreli and Ahmedabad – with the opportunity to see the shrines of Pir Gulamali Shah and Pir Dadu in Kera and Bhuj, and the three historic buildings representing the three Khoja strands in Palagali area of Mumbai.

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