Evolution of An Iconic Diaspora – an online course by the Khoja Heritage Project


The Khoja Community – Evolution of An Iconic Diaspora

Conveyed in three parts, over ten weekly sessions, this series of live interactive online presentations delves into epochal phases of the evolutionary journey of the Khoja Community and traces the migratory patterns that resulted in the formation of an iconic Khoja diaspora as we know it today.

Part one will cover the Genesis of the Khojas in Pre-Colonial India to provide a background of the societal structure, traditions and rituals as well as myths amongst the Sindi, Kutchi and Kathiawadi communities in what is known as presentoday Gujarat in India and Sindh in Pakistan.

Part two will focus on Identity Building during British Colonial rule in India and the crystallization of the three Khoja Communities between the arrival of the Aga Khan I in India in 1845 and the arrival of Mulla Qader Husein in 1862.

Part three will trace migration and Community Building and Socio-Religious Endeavours focussing on Eastern Africa, as a case study where the Khoja Community has been most impactful in its progress in socio-religious sectors. It will also review religious history and literature which has been instrumental in the evolution of the Community.

This interactive course will also be an opportunity for participants to reflect on the lessons learnt, discussions on the mother tongue and the direction of travel in the days to come.

Hosted by Dr Hasnain Walji. – Chair – WF Khoja Heritage Project

Start Date: May 6 – July 15 2020 (Every Wednesday – No session on May 13/19 Ramadan)

Times: 6 pm UK, 7 pm France, 8 pm East Africa, 10:30 pm India, 10:00 pm Pakistan, 1 pm US EST/12 noon CST/10 am PST

Part I: Genesis of the Khojas in the Pre-colonial India
• Session 1: Origins – Caste System and Nat
• Session 2: Khoja faith and practices

Part II: Identity building in British India
• Session 3: Khoja Association with Ismailis
• Session 4: First Split – Bar Bhaya revolt
• Session 5: The Karbala Connection
• Session 6: 1866 Khoja Case
• Session 7: Arrival of Qadir Hussein in Mumbai

Part III: Community Building and Socio-religious Endeavours
• Session 8: Khoja in Sindh (Modern Day Pakistan)
• Session 8: Eastern Africa – A Case Study in Socio-religious development
• Session 9: Religious and Literary works
• Session 10: Reflections and Where to Now?

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