Talented Khoja Youth represents the UK at the G20’s Official Youth Summit


This Summer, Mohammad Mahdi Karim (Aged 21), represented the UK as its Head Delegate to the G20’s official engagement group (Y20). The summit took place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 17th to 24th July, 2022.

Mohammad was selected as the UK’s Head Delegate in January following a competitive application process. After his selection, he has worked with senior politicians, members of the civil service, and policy think tanks such as Chatham House to formulate policy that will best remedy the issues which young people face.

During the conference, he engaged with young leaders from across the G20 Nations to finalise policies in four areas:

  1. Youth Employment
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Sustainability and Liveable Planet
  4. Diversity and Inclusion.

They came up with a communique full of policies which he will now present to senior politicians in the UK with the expectation that they will adopt a portion of the policies as part of their priorities for the forthcoming year.

You can read the full list of policies here.

He was chosen to be Head Delegate because of his work at The MMK Academy, an award-winning social enterprise he founded. The Academy improves the soft skills and public speaking ability of children and adults from around the country. Through interacting with thousands of young people from around the country, he has been able to understand the major challenges that they face.

In 2020, the enterprise was awarded the Wise’s 20 Under 20 Award, which recognised Mohammad as one of the top 20 entrepreneurs under the age of 20 in Europe.

Mohammad Karim, UK Head Delegate to the 2022 Y20, commented: “Whilst we are longing to be done with the pandemic, the effects of the pandemic will certainly not be done with us. Impacting the formative years of our generation, the pandemic has exacerbated existing and created new challenges. The Y20 provided an unparalleled opportunity for young leaders to create policy that will remedy these issues.

From 17th – 24th July in Bandung and Jakarta the UK Delegation negotiated and formulated a communique which will be presented to G20 Leaders. The policies ranged from calling for a sustainable planet to become a legally recognised inter-generational right to fortifying every educational curriculum with employability skills such as public speaking classes.

We urge all G20 leaders to act upon our proposals so that together we will bounce back better to achieve a more prosperous, respectful and secure world.”

  • The Y20 is the official engagement group of the G20, the forum for the world’s largest and most advanced economies
  • This year’s Y20 conference was held in Indonesia from the 17th to the 24th of July. This year’s conference focused on four priority areas:
          • Youth Employment
          • Digital Transformation
          • Sustainable and Liveable Planet
          • Diversity and Inclusion