Announcement of the Results of Hujjat-Stanmore Election


The Hujjat Election that took place on Sunday, 6th September 2020, marked a historic date in the history of  Hujjat Jamaat. For the first time ever, the Jamaat conducted an Election that was held through a Drive-in.

The Drive-in Election saw an astonishing attendance of 1,068 members. What makes this Election more unique is the significant number of female participation. The Election had the highest number of female voters ever, with a turnover of nearly 400 female voters.

The Elections were held with utmost and enhanced Covid-19 precautions, keeping in mind the safety of the community members. However, despite the numerous challenges, the aura surrounding the area was filled with high morale, adherence to the new process and support.

After the voting process and the counting of votes, The Electoral Commission, in-charge of the Jamaat Elections announced that the following candidates received the highest number of votes for their respected positions:

  • President – Br Hamid Pirbhai (886 votes)
  • Vice President – Br Sibtain Allibhai (889 votes)
  • Honorary Secretary – Br Mohsin Kassam (854)
  • Assistant Secretary – Br Mohamed Asif Rajabali (879 votes)
  • Honorary Treasurer – Br Aqeel Merchant (870 votes)
  • Assistant Treasurer – Br Muntazir Kanji (886 votes)

Along with the positions of the Office Bearers, the results for the Committee Members was also released:

  • Chairlady – (Unopposed) Sr. Nasima Azim Karim (343 votes)
  • Committee Member- (Unopposed) Sr. Mumtaz M Merali (PK) (339 votes)
  • Committee Member- (Unopposed) Sr. Samana Fazel (329 votes)
  • Committee Member- Br Imran Gulamhusein ( 870 votes)
  • Committee Member- Br Sheikh Abbas Ismail (881 votes)
  • Committee Member- Br Muhammad Datoo (894 votes)
  • Committee Member- Br Asad Abdullah (870 votes)
  • Committee Member- Br Shiraz Jamal (872 votes)

Number of spoilt ballots – 13

The Electoral Commission has declared that for the post of President, his Election is subject to the Electoral Commission receiving a clear DBS certificate in accordance with clause 2.1.1. and a further communication would be made to the general body upon receipt of the above.

Farhan Jamal, the Chair of the Electoral Committee mentioned in the announcement posted on, that, “Pursuant to clause 7.22 of our constitution, on behalf of the Electoral Commission I declare that to the best of our knowledge, the electoral process has been free and fair.”

A message of gratitude was posted on on behalf of The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London who wished to thank all members and for their participation and support in these Elections. (The message can be read here:

The KhojaNews team wishes the incoming Office Bearers and their team all the best in all their endeavours and pray to Allah (swt) to allow us to strive collectively in helping to prepare for Imam Al-Mahdi (atfs)’s reappearance, Ameen.


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