The Resident Aalim of KSIMC of Birmingham awarded UK’s most Impactful Imam 2021


The results for the anticipated 4th Annual British Beacon Mosque Awards are out, and we are delighted to inform our readers that Shaykh Nuru Mohammed, the Resident Aalim of KSIMC of Birmingham, has been awarded as “UK’s Most Impactful Imam 2021.”

4th Annual British Beacon Mosque Awards 2021

The Shortlisted finalists for the 4th Annual British Beacon Awards were announced on 1st November 2021 when the voting for the nominees was opened. Al Abbas Islamic Centre (KSIMC), Birmingham, received nominations in 3 categories – Most Impactful Imam 2021, Best Outreach Service 2021 and Best Madrassah Service 2021.

Please read our article here, to know more about the Annual British Beacon Mosque awards and the nominations received by Al Abbas Islamic Centre.

Announcement for the Winners of the 2021 Awards

Shaykh Nuru Mohammed was announced as the winner for being, “UK’s Most Impactful Imam of 2021”, the category for which he was nominated.

The announcement was made on 5th December 2021, through the Beacon Mosque’s Twitter page.

They posted the below image along with the caption: “UK’s Most Impactful Imam 2021 WINNER – @Nuryakeen

Following the announcement, Shaykh Nuru took to Twitter and posted a message of gratitude and dedicated his award to all the hardworking volunteers of KSIMC of Birmingham.

The Khojanews team congratulates Shaykh Nuru Mohammed for being awarded as the UK’s Most Impactful Imam 2021 award and Al Abbas Islamic Centre for all their hard work and efforts.

We pray to Allah (swt) to increase their taufeeqat and reward them in abundance, Ameen!


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