We LOVE this festival!


“We LOVE this festival” … “We’ve had an amazing time!” … “Just brilliant!”

That was the verdict of the 950 participants, families and friends who made the Al Wahda Sports Festival and Carnival hosted by the ISIJ of Toronto, Canada, another massive success.

The event held from June 28 to July 1 drew talented sportsmen, sportswomen and children from around the world to compete in 12 sports from cricket and tennis to scrabble and carrom. Competition was fierce, the spirit of fair play was strong and the prizes awarded were richly deserved.

Al Wahda is one of Canada’s largest Muslim sports festivals.

Very important for the community

There were also fun sports activities for seniors and an entertaining carnival for the whole community. A new programme for children aged two to six enabled little ones to make new friends through interactive and engaging physical games and sports.

Players and community members also enjoyed games, food vendors, a ladies’ bazaar and much more.

“It’s brilliant the way people come together,” said one spectator. “It’s very important for the community: hats off to Al Wahda, keep it up!” said another visitor.

Bringing people together

“Sports has the tremendous power of bringing people together and this is the main goal of the Al-Wahda Sports Festival,” said Shafiq Ebrahim, Festival Chair. “Six years ago when we created the festival, our dream was to realize great potential, to put smiles on faces and to be proud of our religion and community.”

The World Federation (WF) and Africa Federation were among the four Gold Sponsors of this year’s event, the fourth Al-Wahda Sports Festival, with Executive Councillor Alhaj Aliraza Rajani representing The WF at the closing ceremony.

About 30 volunteers from ISIJ of Toronto, North America’s largest Jamaat, work tirelessly months in advance to organize this Festival behind the scenes and make sure it was seamless. They certainly succeeded!


  1. Congratulations to Canada and Global KSI community for such a successful sports festival. Keep it up. I hope and pray the festival will continue for a very long time to come. May Allah swa bless Toronto Jamaat, Regional and World Federation as well as the whole community.


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