Winners of European Qur’an competition announced


The winners have been announced of the annual Lady Fizza Qur’an Competition (LFQC) to foster knowledge and love of the Holy Qur’an.

More than 100 contestants and their families gathered at KSIMC Birmingham in an event supported by both the World Federation and CoEJ, along with donor contributions.

Treasures of the Holy Qur’an

The objective of LFQC competitions is to bring awareness to the treasures of the Holy Qur’an and inculcate the love for it in children, youth and adults. There are three categories.

Winners were as follows:

Open recitation, where participants recited either given chapters or passages from anywhere in the Quran:

Age 8 – 11 Female: Sakina Ladha

Age 8 – 11 Male: Mohammed Jawad Punewalla

Age 12 – 15 Female: Masoomah Akberali

Age 12 – 15 Male: Mohamed Abdulla

Age 16+ Female: Fatema Juma and Zainab Hussain (joint winners)

Age 16+ Male: Mateen Noori

Hifdth, where participants were given chapters to memorise and asked a selection on the day:

Age 5 – 7 Female: Fatema Dhirani

Age 5 – 7 Male: Mohammed Hassan Janmohammed

Age 8 – 11 Female: Fizza Okera and Sakina Ladha (joint winners)

Age 8 – 11 Male: Qausaiyn Meghjee

Age 12 – 15 Female: Midhat Zahra Salman

Age 12 – 15 Male: Mohamed Abdulla

Age 16+ Female: Zainab Hussain

Age 16+ Male: Mohammed Ali Moti

Tasfeer, where participants were given 10-15 verses months in advance and asked about details of two of those verses:

Age 5 – 7: Fatema Dhirani

Age 8 – 11: Zahra Esmail

Age 12 – 15: Midhat Zahra Salman

Age 16+: Jamil Kassam

Hugely uplifting

Judges marked contestants for each recitation on the basis of accuracy, fluency, command of style, pronunciation and rules of Tajweed. LFQC organisers said the weekend had been hugely uplifting and brought the whole community together.

You May Wish to Watch the Closing Ceremony Here (including speeches by Shan E Abbas Hassam (WF Secretary General), Dr Akber Mohamedali (COEJ President), Sheikh Nuru (Organiser and Judge) and Sheikh Murtadha Alidina (Judge & WF Islamic Education Head)


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