Boy of 10 scores top GCSE


A brilliant Khoja ten-year-old has scored top marks in his Computer Science GCSE, sitting the exam six years early.

Ali Juma, who is still at primary school in London, achieved a Grade 9 (A**) in the new 1-9 grading system.

Ali started reading at a very young age and has loved books ever since.

Constant quest for knowledge

His quest for knowledge is non-stop and he has always been an academic high-achiever.

His current end-of-year report at St Martins school, Mill Hill, saw him topping Mathematics with 100%, even whilst working a few years above his level.

At the age of seven, he scored exceptionally at Standardised CAT testing, and his reading/comprehension level was approximately double his age.

Knack for coding

Ali displayed a knack for coding a few years ago, and this led him to attempt his first GCSE in Computer Science at the age of ten, with spectacular results.

He is proficient in C++/Python, HTML/CSS/Java Script and ARM Assembly. He developed an IOS App last year using Xcode.

Now he has a taste for GCSE success, Ali hopes to attempt a few more in the upcoming year Inshallah.

When he doesn’t have his nose in a book, Ali loves to play cricket, swimming, and martial arts.


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