First Medical Retreat begins in Najaf


Enthusiastic participants have embarked on The World Federation’s first Medical Retreat in Iraq.

The life-enriching ten-day retreat in Najaf for doctors, nurses and medical students runs from 15 to 25 April.

Body and soul

“Lectures cover both the scientific and spiritual aspects of medical practice and will provide deep insights into the interaction between the body and soul,” said Shabbir Ali Dharsi, Manager of The World Federation Najaf Office.

“The course aims to help participants with their professional and personal development, and what better place to do this than the holy land of Najaf al-Ashraf.”

Meeting Ayatullah Sistani

The programme includes lectures on spiritual healing and prophetic medicine by Dr. Madad Ali, Shaykh Khalfan and Shaykh Nadir.

Participants are also meeting Ayatullah Syed Ali Hussein Al Sistani, Grand Marjah of Shiite Islam, as well as Ayatullah Ishaq Al Fayadh and Ayatullah Syed Saeed Al Hakeem. They are also meeting Shaikh Basheer Al Najafi, one of the Big Four Grand Ayatullahs of Najaf.

They are performing the Ziyarats in Najaf, Karbala, Kazmain and Samarrah, Insha’Allah.

Historic sites

Other highlights include: a visit to Wadius-Salaam (The Valley of Peace) Cemetery, very close to the Shrine of Imam Ali (as) and the oldest graveyard on earth; evening prayers conducted at the Shrine of Imam Ali (as); a visit to the historic site of Babylon; and a visit to Masjid e Hanana, where it is said that after Ali ibn Abi Talib died, his sons carried his body from Kufa to Najaf. As they were passing, the pillars of the mosque inclined towards the body.

“We hope the Retreat enriches the lives of our participants and leaves them with many wonderful memories,” Mr Ali Dharsi added.


  1. Excellent idea of Medical Retreat in Najaf Alhamdullilah. Hope paramedical staff like Medical Librárians may also join in future programs. I may also exchange my expertise on Open Access to repositories in health and allied sciences there in Iraq.
    Jazak Allah wa Khairun Jaza

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