Khoja Heritage Festival


On 6 and 7 April, the World Federation will be hosting the Khoja Heritage Festival at Anjuman-e-Ja’fariyya, Al Zahra Centre in Watford.

The festival will be celebrating the past, present and future of the Khoja community, through a number of activities such as plays, quizzes, debates and exhibitions, as well as presentations of the latest research into Khoja heritage. There will also be a Khoja heritage documentary in Gujarati.

Fascinating opportunity

There will be several panel discussions. For example, Jaffer Manek will lead a discussion on ‘The Fate of Khoja Community and Courts of British India’. Sabira Lakha will discuss ‘Financial dignity for married women’, while Morgan Clarke and Ali Reza Bhojani will present a case study of what it means to follow the sharia in Khoja Shia Muslim communities of Europe.

The festival will be a fascinating opportunity to examine the heritage of the Khoja community, and to learn from the past to inform our action in the future.

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