MCE Tarbiyah curriculum goes online on a new vibrant platform


Students, teachers and parents will soon be able to enjoy the current Tarbiyah curriculum on a dynamic new online platform thanks to an interactive website.

It has been developed by the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) in conjunction with Macintype Design Pty of Australia and brother Abbas Aly.

The exciting new initiative fuses modern technology with core Tarbiyah knowledge and spiritual ethos.

Instead of relying only on downloaded or printed material provided within their madrasah, students will be enthused by the opportunity to access interactive learning and new resources to bring the Tarbiyah curriculum to life.

The new platform aims to bolster the way we learn and teach, ensuring all resources give the student the best learning experience available. Not only will the traditional methods of learning still be on hand, online access will transport the learning experience to a wider spectrum.

The MCE team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to tap into a more efficient and advanced platforms for teaching and engaging students online.

Evolving global curriculum

The MCE team said: “The evolution of the MCE Tarbiyah Curriculum has brought about the need to develop a robust and evolving global curriculum with modern methodologies, supporting material for students, teachers and parents whilst retaining core knowledge and spiritual ethos.”

“This will be a one-stop solution fusing the progress of modern technology together with the creative design and development of Tarbiyah to bring together an efficient initiative in learning for our children worldwide.”

World Federation President Alhaj Anvarali Dharamsi said: “We need to constantly evolve and embrace technology to ensure we meet the needs and aspirations of our global community and our children. We can enhance the teaching of our faith using modern technologies and methodologies. With the coronavirus pandemic limiting face-to-face learning, this is the ideal time.”

Easy to use

The new website will be easy to navigate and user friendly. Students will be able to log on at any time or when the teacher is ready to complete the lesson.

It will allow for multiple languages as the curriculum is global, and it will also facilitate interactive learning.

Lockdown lessons

During the Coronavirus lockdown madrasah pupils have already been experiencing online lessons thanks to dedicated teachers who have introduced teaching via Zoom. Madaris across the globe have created their own quality and creative material as well as using MCE resources. Read more about it here

Full Tarbiyah curriculum

The new platform will provide a full Tarbiyah curriculum designed and implemented by the MCE.

User testing in a few madaris is expected to go live this month. This will be a BETA version – a work in progress that will be tweaked as issues arise, and the MCE will be releasing one module at a time.

The MCE is a global education structure that delivers and maintains strategies for The World Federation’s Madrasah Programme, including teacher training sessions around the world.


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