CoEJ’s first well-being training course


The Council of European Jamaats has launched its first well-being training course as part of the president’s manifesto commitment to promote well-being in the community.

This awareness and skills training course explored ways of being mindful of your own well-being. It also highlighted how to spot the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues in order to provide initial support and help on a first aid basis.

The session on 27 January equipped the participants with skills to guide a person towards appropriate professional help. It also helped them develop an understanding of how to work towards creating and maintaining a healthier community.

This programme was fully subscribed with 16 attendees and a long waiting list. Participants were not disappointed, with 91% rating it as Very Good.

Praise for the training included:

“The realisation that we can all reach out and help each other as a first point of call without being professionals in the field“

“Not hold back when I see someone who may be in need of some support and have the courage to approach them sensitively“

“Poor mental health can be crippling for the sufferers, yet people affected by this can appear to be very normal, confident and independent individuals, making it a challenge to identify the ‘invisible’ problems and challenges. We need to develop and use two skills with any and all our interactions – active listening and being non-judgmental. If we behave with everyone we meet using these two skills at the very forefront of our conversations, we will be supporting, accommodating and helping heal poor mental health without necessarily being aware of what it is and who is affected. If we can work on ourselves in these two areas, we will inevitably help others. This one-day course is a brilliant way to become aware of this.”


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