Paradise of Zahra Cemetery and Ghusl Khana in Leppington – South-West Sydney


On Sunday March 21, 2021, a new cemetery was opened in the name of Behesht-e Zahra – The Paradise of Zahra – to be run by The Muslim Cemeteries and Funeral Services in Sydney.

The Paradise of Zahra Cemetery

The cemetery is located in the suburbs of Leppington in South-West Sydney. It has 10,000 plots with a capacity for dual burials, thus allowing for 20,000 burials, estimated to serve the community for over 25 years.

The naming convention has been retained as per the name The Paradise of Zahra opened 12 months ago on the North West of Sydney, Rouse Hill.

The facility for Ghusl is also available on-site as a large Ghusl Khana has been renovated. Religious leadership will be provided by Sheikh Youssef Naba – Syed Zaki Housaini and Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi.

The total community investment on the plots is expected to reach around $80 Million over the course of 20 years, as the community utilises the facility. The costs will be passed straight through the trust and the burial rites will be provided at no further cost.

The Muslim Cemeteries and Funeral Services

The Muslim Cemeteries and Funeral Services is a new non-profit trust that has been formed inviting all Shia communities to join hands and have full access to the cemetery. Check out their website here:

The opening ceremony

Last month, the community organised an official opening ceremony, where Br Abdulhusayn Meghji Aly was one of the community members honoured to break the ground at the Paradise of Zahra cemetery Leppington. Alhamdulillah, the Paradise of Zahra cemetery was opened on Sunday March 21, 2021.

About Br Abdulhusayn Meghji Aly

Br Abdulhusayn Aly was born in Pemba in 1932. He grew up in Zanzibar, where he was affectionately nicknamed MAGAMBA due to a skin ailment and was an active member in the community providing for his services in Zanzibar, Dar-es-Salaam

Upon his arrival in Sydney in 1974 from Dar-es-Salaam, Br Abdulhusayn alongside his beloved wife, Marhuma Hamida Aly (Wali) established one of our communities in Sydney Australia. Br Abdulhusayn is a respected and senior community member. He was among the first people who had the honour to participate in the cemetery’s ground breaking ceremony.

Having place for a sacred burial, and for mu’mineen to be able to visit their beloved ones is deeply rooted in our faith and traditions.  The Khoja News Team is proud of the Australian community’s accomplishment and foresee this to be a continuum for our community for centuries


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