Ramadan food packs “more needed than ever” – donate today


Ramadan Relief food packs being distributed by WF-Aid will be even more welcome this year amid the coronavirus crisis.

The packs are going to families living in poverty in 18 countries as WF-Aid works in collaboration with Africa Federation, Pakistan Federation and India Federation.

They will provide vital food for Khoja families in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as others struggling to survive in desperate conditions in a dozen more nations.

“This year, due to the coronavirus outbreak, community iftars are not being held, leaving even more families struggling for food,” said Masuma Moledina from WF-Aid’s Ramadan Relief Fund.

“We are trying to reach as many of these families as possible. Food prices are also increasing due to the outbreak, so even fewer people are able to afford to buy food.”

Donate today

Each food pack costs £55/$65 USD and is compiled thanks to donations from generous members of the worldwide Khoja community. Donations can be made here

Packs contain nutritious supplies that will feed a family of five for a whole month. These include rice, wheat, sugar, oil, dates, tea, lentils, tomato paste and pasta. Each pack is tailored to regional diets.

Read more details here

Last year, WF-Aid provided food support to over 6,000 members of the Khoja community.

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