Share your good news stories!


In these difficult times Khoja News is keen to share stories of communities helping each other, looking out for the vulnerable and easing the burdens of coping with coronavirus.

Have you come up with practical ways to help people, such as running errands on relatives’ behalf or picking up supplies such as food and medication?

Is your Jamaat taking a lead on assisting members and the wider community?

Inspiring examples of solidarity

Are you working with a charity, has your business offered extra help for employees working from home, or have you seen inspiring examples of solidarity?

Perhaps you are a school offering online resources for pupils, or a consultancy able to offer advice to struggling businesses.

You may run a start-up with an innovation that can help people communicate better with isolated friends and family.

Protecting the community

Are you involved in the drive to help with coronavirus testing, developing a vaccine or modelling ways to protect the community?

Whatever heart-warming good news you would like to share, contact Khoja News here


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